Childs Ercall Batch Numbers

When i started my one place study for Childs Ercall, Shropshire.  I used family search for parish register records.  This was before they were on Find my past.

I have now indexes for Baptism and Marriage records.  My index has the Batch Numbers shown. Baptism records are C04238-1 and C04238-2.

C04238-1 covers the dates –     1815 – 1865 and also for 1576.

C04238-2 covers the dates –     1681 – 1810.

Marriage records are M04238-1.  This covers 1582 – 1835.


Baptism records


William Steel 1 January 1797


Mary Carnell  31 March 1799  parents William Carnell, Elizabeth.                                       Martha Carnell 31 March 1799 parents William Carnell, Elizabeth                                            Jane Whevor 31 March 1799 parents George Whevor, Sarah                                               Sarah Woodhouse 28 April 1799 parents Elizabeth Woodhouse


Childs Ercall


I started my one place study about three years ago. I used family search website for the Baptism records records of Childs Ercall in Shropshire. I extracted the records by the batch number.

A few months later i went to Shropshire archives in Shrewsbury to get a copy of my great great grandfather baptism record and look at other records.

Decided to use the information i had in some way.  This was the start of my one place study.